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New Opportunities!

Hey friends, I have some exciting news to share with you!

As some of you already know, I opened CrossFit Vic City while working full time at the Canadian Sport Institute. It was a great blend as I got to work with both my friends and peers as well as support the training of Olympic athletes. I was lucky enough to work through two Olympic cycles (2008 and 2012) and help our athletes earn medals in swimming and rowing.

Since late 2014, I’ve been working on (and in) Vic City almost entirely and that has been absolutely amazing. Our regular membership has seen incredible increases in fitness and health, and competitively we have performed to very high standards with the highlight being winning the 2017 Open out of all gyms in Western Canada.

Along the way, I’ve sprinkled in work with various athlete groups, including the women’s soccer and men’s rugby teams at UVic for the past 5 years. A really exciting opportunity came up just recently though that will allow me to once again help Olympic sports athletes pursue their dreams while still supporting the Vic City community.

That opportunity involves developing and implementing the strength, speed, and conditioning programming for the Rugby Canada Womens Sevens team. Rugby has a special place in my heart given that it was my primary sport and by virtue of my dad coaching at a very high level. Sevens rugby is a short, intense, and very demanding form of rugby that presents a unique challenge in terms of strength and conditioning. Both of those reasons together have made it really exciting to start up with the team.

There will be high expectations as this team is legitimately a top contender in the annual World Sevens Series and will be looking to qualify this year for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. My role will involve not only running sessions at the new performance centre in Langford, but also supporting the team on site at training camps and some of their tournament stops in the World Series.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never see me though! I’ll have a much more regular work schedule that will allow me to train alongside you all and to support our programming and gym improvements as needed. I’m really looking forward to spending more “informal” time with you guys, hanging out, and continuing to help you pursue your fitness goals.

See you in the gym!


Here's a short video showcasing what rugby sevens is all about:




5min AMRAP

6-8 Strict Hanging Knee Raise

4-6 HR Pushups

10 Samson Lunge (5/5)


Alternate Every 90sec for 6 rounds

Weighted Pullups x3reps

(Strict Banded Pullups/Strict Ring Rows)

Strict Handstand Pushup x6-8reps

(20-30sec Handstand hold, 2 Wall Walks or 6-8 Seated DB Press)


Partner Row Intervals For Time

1 work 1 rest


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