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Double Your Benefits with Double Unders

Double unders, some peoples Achilles heel when they pop up in WODs. As many of you have found during your time in Crossfit, double unders take a lot of time and practice not only get 1 rep but to string multiple reps together. As a coach it is really fun to see when "things click" and people get that first double under or get a max rep set. However, even if we don't get them straight away practicing single skips and double under attempts have a lot of benefits for our fitness.

A few benefits of skipping rope in general are:

- Better Coordination

- Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries

- Increases Cardiovascular Output

- Better Breathing efficiency

- Helps you Focus and keep brain and muscles working together

The other cool thing about skipping rope is that you can do it anywhere. Being portable and

compact you can mix it into any workout whether you are traveling, at home or doing some extra skills after class.

If you don't already have your own rope, you can pick one up in the main office at the gym. Talk to your coach and they can discuss rope options and help you adjust your rope to your optimal length and start practicing on your own!

Here is a video of Buddy Lee (Crossfit Jump Rope Instructor), showing some high intensity skipping and tricks. He also goes over a progression of the double under or power jump as well as fun variations of the double under for you guys to try!

Happy Skipping!




3 rounds

5 Med Ball Burpees

10 Med Ball Cleans

30 Jumping Jacks


Power Snatch (Touch n Go) 5x5 Every 90sec

10-30 Double Unders before each set of Power Snatch


4 Rounds Every 3mins

Rx - 25 Wall Balls (14/20), 20 Box Jumps (20/24)

FG - 20 Wall Balls (14/20), 15 Box Jumps (20/24)

TG - Scale Ball Weight, Scale Box Height/Step ups

CP - Heavy Wall Balls (20/30), High Box Jumps (24/30)

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