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The Power of the Split Jerk

Hey Vic City,

Last week had a brief introduction to the split jerk. The split jerk is most complex variation to get the bar from the shoulders to an overhead position. This variant is the choice of most of the highest level Olympic Lifters, because the technique allows for the greatest of weights to be lifted. However, due to the complexity, you'll need to put some effort in getting more comfortable with the split jerk positioning.

Here is a video from 7 years ago posted by CrossFit. Regardless of age of the video, the take home points remain the same.

The points that I took away were the foot position, and the emphasis on driving under the bar. Work on driving off a base of support to a stable quarter lunge, and recovering front foot back first, to a stable base where you started. Check it out, it's only 3 minutes!



Training Wednesday-Thursday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM9

45 second Row

2 Turkish Get Ups

10 Push-Up+10 Air Squat

Skill: Clean and Jerk Complex

5 Deadlifts, 4 Hang Power Cleans, 3 Shoulder to Overhead E2M x 6

*build up to max load for the unbroken complex

WOD: "Devil's Ride"

In Teams of 3, complete the following, breaking up reps as needed

Rx: 50 Weighted Pull-ups (25/45), 75 cal bike, 100 DB Snatch (35/50)

FG3: 15/25

FG2: Strict Pullups, 25/40

FG1: Strict Banded, 20/35 DB

TG: Ring Row, scale as needed

CP: 35/60, 100 cal bike, 50/70

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