New Coach Profile - Megan

November 1, 2018

Hey Vic City,


Here is the 3rd coach profile in as many weeks. This week the spotlight is on Megan. Currently Megan's role includes apprenticing the morning On Ramp program, and coaching the Saturday morning bootcamp. Get to know Megan a bit better from her profile.


Megan Jerritt


Nickname: Megs


Athlete Background:  Growing up, soccer was my main sport and I played at a competitive level. Once I moved to Victoria, I didn’t want to play team sports anymore and decided to try the regular gym scene. I was a member at a variety gyms and tried spin, circuit training and body building... none of which satisfied my need for variety.


Month/Year Started CrossFit: February 2016


What first got you into CrossFit: I remember seeing my boyfriend watching the CrossFit Games at home, and I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever seen. I had wanted to try it for a few years, but never pursued it. Eventually, when I was bored of going to Good Life, I decided I wanted a change. I had a few friends that went to Vic City (including coach G!) that told me to come check it out – I was hooked from day one!   


First WOD: “Baseline” and Open WOD 14.5…. still one of the worst workouts I’ve ever done


Fav Lift/Movement: Squat cleans, anything with a heavy barbell really


Fav WOD: Grace and chippers


What do you get out of CrossFit: Community, confidence, motivation, FUN!


Advice: I’m still working on this myself, but don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and everyone is on their own journey. Focus on you.

“Someone else’s gains, are not your losses” – Coach Rachel


Credentials: CF-LV1, CSEP-CPT, currently in 3rd year of Kinesiology


Fun Facts: Competed in my first two CrossFit competitions this year at the CanWest games on a team of three, and as an individual at Fraser Valley Throwdown

Training Friday/Saturday




5 min AMRAP - 10 medball cleans, 10 hanging knee raise, 5 inch worms





Front Squat Find 1Rep Max in 14mins (score 1)



WOD: "Two Face" (score 2)




Front Squat @ 40% 1RM


Burpees over the bar


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