Vic City Garage Sale!

November 4, 2018



Now that I have your attention, we are purging ourselves of some older gym equipment that we don't need lying around collecting dust. Instead you can have the equipment at home to use when you aren't here at Vic City.


We have medicine balls, skipping ropes, bands, barbell bumper plates, and some other goodies for you all to look through and purchased at a discounted price special to our Vic City members.


We will be holding the sale on Saturday November 17th 1-3pm. Cash or Credit Card will be accepted for payment.


See you at the Sale!





5min AMRAP

12 DB Snatch

8 OH DB Lunges (4R/4L)

4 Burpees




Sumo Deadlift High Pull 5x10 Every 2mins



WOD: "Hard Pressed"



Team of 3, 1 work 2 rest

Rotate OTM for 5 full rounds for each part.

*Score is total accumulated reps of Double unders and Push Press


Part 1

150/200m Row, then Max rep Double Unders


Part 2

150/200m Row, then Max rep Push Press (55/75)


FG: Single Unders, Scale Bar as needed



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