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As some of you know we have a great app we use at Crossfit Vic City called Beyond the Whiteboard to track our max lifts, WODs, and overall fitness. As well as seeing where we stand with fellow gym members on our gym specific leaderboard (Rx and Scaled) within the app.

This app is FREE for you to use as a member of Vic City, so please if you are not already on the app, download it today! When you do download it , it will ask you for a code.

Here is that code: VICC014

You will be able to track all aspects of your fitness even workouts you may do outside the walls of our gym. As coaches here at Vic City we really try to get all our members to have some system of keeping track of their workouts, weights, activities and overall progress. So please use this tool as again it is FREE for you to use.

Going into this Test week use the app as it will better help you set realistic goals for the future and give you a better reference point as we have more testing weeks and WODs in the future!

Should you have any questions about using the app please ask your coach and they can help you out and get better understanding of the app and all it has to offer.

Good luck this week and keep track of your hard work!

See you in the gym,


For today and tomorrow's wod, you'll be aiming for your absolute best performance on the Clean and Jerk and Open WOD 11.1 / 14.1. Coach Cam has put together levels 1-6 for each of our challenges this week. Be sure to review them (Mon Tues shown below) prior to coming in to have a target to shoot for!




3 rounds

3 Inchworms

6 Med Ball Cleans

9 Dowel Pass Dislocates


14mins to find 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk


Open 11.1/14.1


10min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatch (55/75)

FG: Single Unders (60)

TG: Scale bar (45/65)

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