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There are many ways to plan and prepare for a WOD, to finish off this test week we have a great challenge for you. Fight Gone Bad, this WOD uses many movements most of us are already familiar with (wall balls, box jumps, rowing) and one movement we have recently had some practice with and now get to test it out (Sumo Deadlift High Pull).

Going into this WOD, think about being able to keep moving for 3 full rounds, not just the first round and then barely moving for the other two rounds. Compared to some of our other WODs with 1min of work to 2mins rest, this WOD challenges our recovery with 4mins of work and only 1 min of Rest. So we need to maximize our rest by being smart and knowing how to pace ourselves properly.

If you have ever done Fight Gone Bad before you may have a plan of action already and a new strategy going into it. That's good! Have a plan and do your best to stick to it but know it may change as go through the WOD. If this WOD is brand new, start off steady and completing chunks of reps that you know you can complete, have a quick rest and then keep moving. You can't get more reps if you aren't moving. Short rests are better than burning out after 30sec and then doing nothing the rest of the minute.

Also use you transitions wisely! Time your work time to finish each station just before the 1min mark so you can maximize your rest going into the next station and then you can maximize your work time at that station.

End of the day, just KEEP YOURSELF MOVING and use that full minute of rest to its fullest.

Good luck and lets finish off this Test week with a bang!




Cone Flip Game

4x45sec Rounds Go Every 2mins

WOD: Fight Gone Bad

Rx- 3 rounds

Accumulating Max Reps, Rotating On The Minute

Wall Ball (14/20)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55/75)

Box Jump (20/24)

Push Press (55/75)

Row Calories

Rest 1min

FG- Scale bar weight, wall ball, or box height

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