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As many of you already know we provide a number of options of classes here at Vic City. What some of you don't know is every week we write up a Strength WOD (SWOD) and a Conditioning WOD (CWOD) over on the whiteboard on the Strength and Health side of the gym. These workouts are designed to supplement your training with your weekly in class WODs.

Coach Adam and myself have been programming them in 8 week cycles and a number of members have been using them as a filler for their training. For those of you feeling like you need more stamina for some of our longer class WODs trying out a CWOD every other week would be a good start to improve your cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

Or conversely others are feeling a bit weak and want to improve their overall strength to help with some better PR numbers when it comes back to Test week in the future. Tackling a SWOD every other week is a great way to start taking the steps to hit those new PR numbers. If you are really ambitious and have them time you could do both through out the week!

No matter what your schedule is, next time your in go take a look at the whiteboard and try one of these out, and continue working toward your fitness goals.

Happy SWOD-ing and CWOD-ing!

See you in the gym.




Skill: Back Squat 5 x 3 tempo (3-2-x) @ 70-75%

The tempo is more important than the weight - stick to it! This will also be harder than a usual 5 x 3 - feel free to start a bit lighter and build, the percents are there as a guide.

WOD: Boat Crew

This is a team wod, total time is your score! Hit each interval at a hard but maintainable pace as you will get 2 parts rest to every 1 part work. Aim to hold the same pace each round!

Rx: Row with a group of three - 8 x 200 (women) / 250m (men) each.

Rower set to intervals:distance with a 10 sec changeover time. You should aim to get your work done in under a minute.

Approximate wod time: 28 min

FG 2: scale distance to 175/225

FG1: scale distance to 175/225 and or rounds to 6 per person

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