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What are your Goals?

What are your goals? You may have life, family, career, or finance goals, but what are your goals in the gym? Your overall fitness?

I ask this question to everyone I work with and I hear a lot of the same answers. "I want to be fit." "I want to lose weight." "I want to be able to run with out feeling like I'm dying." Besides the last one these are all pretty generic and standard responses, but do not get specific or detailed enough for a real outcome.

We all have different things we are working towards within our fitness whether it be a Crossfit competition, fire or police testing, Olympic Weightlifting competition, weight loss or a specific sport like rugby, swimming or volleyball. No matter what you are working towards laying out a plan and getting to specifics are crucial to keep yourself accountable and focused on attaining your goal.

A few things to think about when setting a goal(s):

First, write it down! Get a gym journal and write down your goals or make a note in your Smartphone and type it in. When we don't have it written down or somewhere we will see it regularly, it is easy to forget or lose focus on what we are working towards.

Second, make it specific. Be clear on if its your Olympic lifting total, or a 1k row time, a leaderboard WOD, or a specific amount of weight you want to lose.

Third, Make sure you can measure it. So time, weight, speed, etc. You want to make sure you can see the difference from where you are at now to when you reach your goal.

Fourth, set a date and time to reach your goal. Don't just say "I want to increase my Olympic lifting total." Say WHEN you want to do that by, give yourself a timeline. That can be days, weeks, months, or a year but make it a specific date.

Finally, Make your goal realistic and attainable. Some goals will have stepping stones to get us to our ultimate goal and thats ok. We need to learn to be patient with ourselves while working on each step to reach that 500lb Deadlift, sub 3min 1k Row, 50lb weight loss, or sub 4min Fran time. It will take time but be persistent.

If you are having trouble thinking about some goals for you to work towards talk to your coach. We all want to be more fit and healthy but lets dig a little deeper to make this pain we all put ourselves through that much sweeter.

See you in the gym,





3 rounds

Kb Deadlifts x 8

Pushup Kb Shuffle x 4

Heavy Rope Skips x 40


Bench Press 4x4 Every 2mins

Tempo (3-2-x)

ALL SETS use 85-90% of weight heaviest 4 from last week


"LB Helen"

RX: 3 rounds for time

1.4k Assault Bike

21 American Kb Swings (35/53)

12 Box Jump Overs (20/24)

FG: Kb 26/44, Scale box height

TG: 1k Bike, Scale Kb, Box Step up and overs

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