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Hey Vic City,

And so it begins, the start of PUSH WEEK. Again, if you don't recall, push week will feature a different challenge everyday of the week. If you can, try to make it to the WOD Monday through Saturday.

With the high efforts and energy around the gym this week just remember, workouts are tough. Appropriate scaling allows the same workout to be challenging for the most advanced athletes, along with the most novice. Even in an attempt to preserve the same stimulus for all abilities, we aren’t always going to finish at the same time. To respect everyone giving their best efforts in each WOD, regardless of finish time, please refrain from cleaning up until everyone is done. If you are one of the first ones done, use that time to congratulate others who might have finished ahead of you, or encourage those that are still working their butts off to finish up the same challenge you just faced. Quite often I found myself too exhausted to be worried about packing up immediately and take my time lying on the ground to catch my breath after a tough WOD.

Don't forget to log your scores on BTWB to be eligible for prizes!



Training Monday

Warm-up - 3 rounds: 200/250m Row, 12 Samson Lunge, 12 Dowel Pass Dislocates

WOD - "Franabelle"

Rx: 21-15-9

Power Snatch (65/95)


Scaled: 55/75, jumping pull-ups (bar 6" from standing height)

Comp: Squat Snatch, 9-6-3 Bar Muscle Ups

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