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Hey Vic City,

Think back to a time there was a class that was really confusing. Maybe it was one of your first classes after OnRamp, and you couldn’t remember the difference between an EMOM or AMRAP that had hang power cleans, and STOs all in one WOD. As you start getting more familiar with the terms, things usually run a bit smoother, but on occasion, the warm-up will feature unique movements that the coach will have to explain. The flow of the class and some movement tips are communicated in the beginning of the class, at the whiteboard. The first five minutes or so of the class will help to get everyone on the same page, and questions can be asked while everyone is together. If you have a question about some part of the workout, likely someone else had or has the same one, so the start of the class is great to get those answered. To continue to help your hour of fitness be not only that, but also fun and educational, please show up on time for the start of class. We all understand that traffic can be bad or some things come up at work, but if you aim to be there 5-10 minutes early, that will help build in a buffer. If you are early, by all means, get ready before the warm-up. You can check the WOD if you haven’t already, you can look back on Beyond the Whiteboard to see your recent relevant scores to will help with the class, or just chat, stretch out, or work on a skill that could use some extra practice.

Great work thus far, and keep pushing!



Training Thursday

Warmup - Dowel Game

WOD - "Bounceback"

Rx: In a team of 3, complete 6 rounds each of,

200m Row

6 burpees over rower

Scaled: 4 regular burpees

Comp: 6 burpee box jumps (20"/24")

Cashout: 3 x 10 Overhead Squat with mobility work

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