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Hey Vic City,

We are nearing the end of Push Week and getting very close to the holidays, but don't give up now! As a reminder the goal is to push your limits in terms of both intensity and volume for this week, to lead to some more fitness gains after a bit of extra rest heading into the New Year. If you have been able, and willing, to make to the last four class WODs you might be feeling a bit more tired than usual. Know that that is expected and you will come back fitter for it.

The Friday challenge is classic CrossFit. You have weightlifting, you have gymnastics, and you have work capacity. Everyone has 15 minutes to get as much work done as they can. As far as WOD strategy, I would pace it out more than you think and look to conserve your TTB ability as long as you can. Once those really break down, it'll slow your workout down a lot. Aim for singles on the power cleans and smaller manageable sets for the TTB from the start, with a larger set, if not unbroken, on the wallballs.

Regardless of if you are doing TTB or hanging knee raise, make an effort to get a good grip on the bar. Check out this video that sums up how to a good grip. I was taught this at the CrossFit Gymnastics course, and I have since been working on it, especially with TTB and have noticed more strength in my shoulders and control while kipping.

Keep pushing, see you in class!



Training Friday

Warmup - 3 rounds: 1 length bear crawl, 6 kip swings, 12 DB hang clean to overhead

WOD - Open 11.5 Mod

Rx: 15 min AMRAP

5 Power Cleans (95/135), 10 TTB, 15 Wallballs

Scaled: 65/95, 10 HKR, Lighter Wallballs

Comp: 125/185, Wallballs 20/25

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