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2019 Goals

As we draw 2018 to a close, its great time not only to look back on what we have accomplished with family, work, school, etc, but to look back and see what we have accomplished in the gym.

Maybe you finally hit a benchmark weight you have been striving for with your Snatch or Clean. Maybe you beat your previous 1K row time. Maybe you lost some of that weight that has been bugging you for years, or perhaps you just feel that your quality of life is much better.

A few weeks back I wrote a blog about setting some focused and specific goals for yourself and it's that time of year to get serious about it and figure out what those goals will be for 2019.

I like to give myself 4-6 months for most fitness goals and as I mentioned in the last post about goals, WRITE THEM DOWN. Or at the least put them somewhere where you will see them often, phone, gym bag, gym journal, kitchen, bathroom mirror, wherever works for you. This will give you intent to your training and help you focus on what you are trying to accomplish.

I wish you all an amazing 2019 not only in the gym but in your personal and professional lives as well.

Happy New Year and see you in the gym!


Classes for New Years Eve are 9:30am,and Noon ONLY

Gym will be closed New Years Day.


Training Monday Dec 31st ONLY

WOD: "Rewind"

Grab a partner and split up the work as needed.

1 partner work, while the 1 partner rests.

Chipper Style WOD, must finish all reps of one movement or month before moving on to the next.


2 Rounds For Time

31 reps of 20/24 Box Jumps [January] 28 reps of Thrusters at 75/115 [February] 31 reps of Double Unders [March]*Both complete 31 reps 30 reps of Front Squat at 75/115 [April] 31 reps of Push Press at 75/115 [May] 30 reps of Pull-up [June] 31 reps of Clean at 75/115 [July] 31 reps of Toes to Bar [August] 30 reps of Back Squat at 75/115 [September] 31 reps of Hand Stand Push-up [October] 30 reps of Deadlift 75/115 [November] 31 reps of Bar Hop Burpees [December]

FG: Bar @ 65/95, Banded Pullups, Double Crunch, HR Pushups

TG: Scale as needed

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