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2019 Coming in Hot

Welcome to 2019!!!

Here we are a new year and a fresh start. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family, food, and hopefully a workout or two to keep you feeling normal.

We begin our 2019 with some prep getting ready for 1 of 2 Open competitions this year. The first open this year will be around the normal time as we have seen in past years, February 21st through March 25th. So that gives us 8 weeks or so to get you ready and feeling confident going into the Open.

Start to think about the standards in which we will be harping on building into the Open as the standards are there to test you and can be the difference of a few places at the end of the Open.

You can look at some of the more basic movements and their standards here on the mainsite

As we get closer to the Open we will post a blog about how to get yourself registered.

Happy New Year and See you in the gym.





3 rounds Every 2mins

Use same KB for all 3 movements and build up in weight

10 KB Deadlifts

8 Goblet Squats

5/5 KB Press or Push Press


Tempo Back Squat 5x3

(3-2-x) @ 70-75% 1RM

WOD: "iBench"

Complete 5 Rounds

Go Every 3mins and complete the following:


5 Heavy Bench Press (70-75% 1RM)

10 Russian KB Swings (44/70)

12/15cal Assault Bike


Scale bar, Swings (35/53)


Scale bar and swings as needed


Swings (53/80)

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