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34th Monster Erg

The rowing machine is staple within Crossfit, or the Erg as many called it. WE have quite a few former or current rowers within our gym community and we all have gotten some great tips from them to better our technique and efficiency during WODs.

Next month Uvic is holding its annual Monster Erg event on campus with tons of different events to register in and compete.

Myself and a few other tall guys at the gym are going to compete in the Mens 2000m relay on the day and hope to get some more Vic City members to compete themselves and check out the event!

I have left the link below for you to check out and read further but here are the basics:

When: Sunday February 3rd

Where: CARSA on Uvic Campus

Who: Any Vic City peeps who want to compete or just come watch and cheer

Why: Because its awesome to support our local schools, fellow sports facilities and cheer on our fellow gym members!

Any other questions you have please feel free to message me,




Triple Dowel 3 rounds

8 Passthroughs

10 Good Mornings (back rack with dowel)

12 Overhead Dowel reverse lunges

1, 2, 3 shuttle run laps


Every 2mins

Overhead Squat 5 x 6-8 reps

LIGHT and Smooth

WOD: The EMOM Awakens Ep. 7

Rotate Every Minute On the Minute, No Score, just quality reps

5 Rounds

6-10 Toes to Bar

8-16cal Row

6-10 Burpee Box Jumps (20/24)

30sec Double Unders

Scale as needed to maintian quality reps throughout entire workout.

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