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NEW Plant Based Protein

For those of you looking for a plant based protein, one of our supplement suppliers JaktRX has now developed such a product.

We will be having a tub of each flavor (Chocolate and Vanilla) in the next few weeks for you to try post WOD.

Interested in this product? Please let your coach know so when and if we make a bulk purchase we can provide everyone with enough!

If you currently aren't using a post WOD recovery protein, talk to your coach as well about looking at our different flavours or our regular JaktRX proteins to try.

See you in the gym!




Rotating EMOM x3

Assault bike x30sec

KB Deadlift x10

Beat Swing x30sec

Db push press x5

WOD "Double Up Take 2"


3 Rounds for Time (8min Cap)

15 Deadlifts (125/185)

10 Handstand Pushups

8min Rest

For Time (8min Cap)


Wallballs (14/20)


FG 2 DL's (105/155), Scaled ROM HSPU

FG1 DL's (75/115), 30sec Handstand Hold, Banded Pullups

TG Scale Bar as needed, HR pushups, Scale Ball, Jumping pullups

CP 4 Rounds of 1st WOD or bump up Deadlifts to 155/225), CTB or 8-6-4-2 bar muscle ups

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