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The Intramural Open

Hey Vic City,

I know we've been hyping the upcoming CrossFit Open over the past couple weeks, so now is time to get signed up. To make it easy, here is the link. If you are new to the Open, you have to create and account, if you've done this before, you probably know the drill, you just have to sign in and go through the registration process.

Once you sign-up you'll have the option to register for a team, and this year we will be setting up a bit different in years past. We will be having a friendly, in-house, competition that will help bring out the best in everyone! Since we will be running the Open workout as the Friday-Saturday class WOD, we will creating four teams, based on your regular class schedule.

Teams -

Friday 6/7am

Friday 930am/noon/4pm

Friday 5/6pm

Saturday 9/10am

I know people take pride in what class they attend and this is a great way to show off some skills you've been working on over the past year. This is also a great opportunity to have multiple people shine throughout the five weeks of the Open. We will have an unofficial sign-up board at the gym, to help generate buzz, and to encourage your classmates to sign-up as well. Once you register online, write your name in as well as what season of the Open you are in, it's going to be a great time!

Not into competing? That's no problem! The Open is a great way to set a baseline of where you are in your fitness journey right now. Then you'll have all year to work on getting better and proving to yourself what you are capable of next year. Still not sure, here is a link to the workouts from last year, if the Rx level seems out of reach, check the scaled division, there is a challenge for you!

Regardless of what your goals or current level, the Open has something for everyone! It might be a nervous time, but in the six years I've completed it, it has always given me tons of exciting and motivation to move forward and to get better.

I hope you sign up!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 10 light DB Clean, 10 DB Thrusters, 10 slow T-Plank rotations

Skill: Pull-up or Muscle Up Practice

20 seconds of practice, 1:40 rest/feedback x 8 rounds

WOD: Rowball Jr.

Rx: For Time, Row 1250/1500m

*at 0:00 and every 1:30 complete 10 wallballs (14/20)

FG: Scale ball weight (10/14)

TG: 750/1000m, scale ball weight

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