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The Overhead Lunge Grid

This week we have an another added challenge to get us prepared for the fast approaching 2019 Open #1.

The overhead lunge, however unlike the video above we will only be using one dumbbell in the overhead position. This is nice as it will be less overall weight but more of a balance and stability test as we keep our intensity high moving through the workout.

Your coaches will give you some tips on how to best maintain your balance and keep yourself moving through the grid which brings me to my next part of the WOD that will prepare us for the open. We will have tape lines down every 5ft to count as reps for your lunges, as this workout is an AMRAP you could finish the workout in the grid and will need to know how many reps you completed to add to your total team reps. Each 5 foot section counts as a rep. To complete the rep you must have both feet on the other side of the tape and finish standing tall with dumbbell overhead clearly passed the tape mark to move on to your next section of the workout whether that be finishing your lunge section, moving on to Toes to Bar or tagging your partner off to begin their next round.

This grid helps us measure reps and ensure quality of our movement, as when we begin the open we will have judges watching us to keep our standards high and movement hopefully efficient.

Here is a link as well from Open workout 17.2 where we had to use the grid for lunges.

Good luck and see you in the gym.




3 rounds

Dowel Pass dislocates x8

Dowel OHS x6

Samson Lunge x4/4


Overhead Squat 5x5 Every 2mins

*Focus on position and form not load

WOD "Doubloon"

Teams of 3, one person works through entire round before the next person starts their round

Score is total reps by team in 30mins ( per round)

30min AMRAP


Row 200m (20 reps)

DB Overhead Lunge 1 Length of gym (35/50) (5 reps)

10 TTB (10 reps)

DB Overhead Lunge 1 Length of gym back (5 reps)

FG Knees to Elbows

TG Scaled DB, Double Crunch

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