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Ring Muscle Up Building Blocks

The ring muscle up is one of those classic Crossfit movements we all want to achieve. A huge milestone and almost every year it's so exciting to be apart of one of our members getting their very first one!

Some of us just ignore movements like this one thinking it is so far away from our skill level we just write it off as something we dont have to worry about. I am here to tell you DON'T think that way. We can do so many little drills and skills to help us prepare for and achieve that first ring muscle up.

The video above shows a great progression of drills you can work on to help better prepare you for attempting your ring muscle ups. If you have time after class, stick around and try practicing your beat swing on the rings and feel how the grip is different from the bar. Practice a few jumping ring dips, regular ring dips and some transitional work on the rings with your feet on the floor.

There are lots of moving pieces to the Ring muscle up so all those little movements and pieces are essential and being familiar with them is the first step. So don't shy away, don't be afraid to ask your coach for some drills to start putting in the building blocks to that first ring muscle up.

I can't wait to see how many of our members possibly get their first ring or bar muscle up this coming open season.

See you all in the gym.




Rotating EMOM x3 rounds


Assault bike

Beat Swing or Hollow Rock Hold

Kb Taters

WOD: Open 15.3

14min AMRAP


7 Ring Muscle Ups

50 Wallballs (20/24)

100 Double Unders

FG2 Bar Muscle Ups

FG1 Regular Pullups or 7 Strict ring Row 7 Jumping Ring Dip, Single Unders

TG Banded Strict Pullups, Scale Wallball, Single Unders

Time Pending CASH OUT: 3-5 rounds not for time

10 Double Crunch

Heavy front load walk x3 gym lengths

*can use DB/KB/Med Ball/Sandbag

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