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The Open and Dumbbells


9:30am and 5:00pm Classes ONLY


I was looking through the Open workouts from last year (2018) and realized that 3 of the 5 workouts included dumbbells. We first saw dumbbells included in the open in 2017 with 2 of the 5 workouts included them. Maybe this year every workout will include Dumbbells??? Hopefully not.

As we have been preparing we have been throwing at you all different movements with the dumbbells to hopefully have you as prepared as possible for whatever they will bring us this year.

I love that dumbbells are included in the Open and Crossfit in general as before I started doing Crossfit I used them solely for rugby strength and hypertrophy. I am very excited to see what Dumbbell movements they include this year. Perhaps some Devils Press? DB Overhead walking lunges? Double clean and jerks? We shall wait and see, but practice those movements and stay familiar with those Dumbbells.

Any bets on what we may get this year???

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See you in the Gym.




Rotating EMOM x3rds

Wallballs x10

Hollow Rock holds x20-30sec

Inchworm pushups x3

WOD "DBros"

Teams of 3 (1 work, 2 rest)

5 Rounds Each Person, For Time


15 Db Squat (35/50)

7/7 DB Shoulder to Overhead (35/50)

11 Toes to Bar

FG Scale DB, Knees to Elbows

TG Scale as needed


8 rounds of 3 Deadlifts (50-60%) Every 90sec

*Perfect form under Fatigue

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