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Hey Vic City,

You've heard the buzz around the gym - the Open starts this week. Regardless of how much information we post on the blog or dictate in class, there will still be unanswered questions about it. The best way to learn and enjoy the five weeks of the Open is to sign-up and play along. We've made it even more exciting this year with the introduction of class based teams to increase the friendly rivalry.

This blog will include some important information that will be applicable to EVERYONE that shows up to the gym for the Friday/Saturday class WOD during the Open.


- The Friday/Saturday class will be the current Open WOD, meaning on Thursday the 21st at 5pm 19.1 will be released online, and that will be the WOD for the 22nd/23rd class.

- The classes will run at least 2 heats of the workout. Athletes in heat 1 will judge heat 2 and visa versa. This way we have everyone who signed up covered when it comes to submitting valid scores. Even if you don't sign-up you'll still get to judge and be judged (so might as well sign-up).

- Times to complete the Open WOD:

Friday - any class time (gym won't be Open until 3:30pm for the 4pm class/any Open gym time (bring your own judge for Open gym).

Saturday - any class time or Hero Saturday (11am-1pm)

Sunday - 8:30-10:30AM

Monday - Open gym time (bring your own judge and plan to use the S&H side).

-Drop in for non-members is $20 for class or Open gym time.


- Thursday night's gymnastics class will be changed to an Open WOD info session. Free for all members of any membership, show up for 7:30pm to go over strategy and tips for the WOD. Plan to spend 10-15 minutes at the whiteboard and optional 10-15 minutes light practice and questions.

TEAMS / IN-GYM COMPETITION (not only for elite):

- The team scoring is going to be unique, it will factor in a couple of different results to get your overall team score for the week. There will be 6 scores from potentially 6 different people, so the more people you have on your team the better, and no one needs to feel like they can 'bring a team down' as there are no negative scores. You MUST sign up and submit you score online to have it count.

Score 1 - 1st place Men's

Score 2 - 1st place Women's

Score 3 - 2nd place Men's

Scores 4 - 2nd place Women's

Score 5 - Top score scaled (either division)

Score 6 - Top score from a rookie (either division)

With plenty of scores this competition is for everyone, if you haven't already, sign-up online AND on the board at the gym with the number of Open's you've been in. Every team will need at least 1 rookie and 1 scaled to get the best scores for their team.

- Use your team #hashtag on the dashboard of your games.crossfit profile. Your team's name/hashtag will be released by your team captain/coach before Thursday. Once you know what it is, add it to your profile to make sure your scores count and you can view your teammates successes!

- You don't have to only go to the class group of your team. Obviously schedules change, but the idea is to sign-up with the class you general attend on Friday or Saturday.

Throwback to the 2015 Open when Ryan Griffith hit some muscle ups. Ryan is back and signed up for the 2019 Open, are you?

PC: Oscar Bravo



9:30am and 5:00pm Classes ONLY



WARMUP: 5 min amrap: 5 pushups, 7 double crunch, 9 air squats

SKILL: Clean and Jerk practice: 2-4 reps E90s x 6

Work on cycling the barbell at moderate to heavy weight. Choose the weight that is closest to 60% of your 1 rep max from the options below:

Men: 75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 195, 205

Women: 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125

Work on a quick re-set or if you have the skill, touch and go reps.

WOD: Miniwods

These workouts are designed to get you moving quickly with the focus on efficient movement as opposed to all out sprint. Keep your quality high as you move through.

You may start at different stations depending on class size.

#1: 4 min amrap: 8 pullups, 6 burpees @ longer wod pace

rest 4 min

#2: 4 min amrap: 6/9 cal row, 8 ttb

rest 4 min

#3: 4 min amrap: alternate for two rounds: 1 min max rep wallballs, 1 min max rep double unders


CP: ctb pullups or 4 bar MU sub for pullups in wod 1.

FG1-2: scale pullups, ttb, and wallball weight. Practice du or go to singles for wod 3

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