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The Online Judges Course

Hey Vic City,

Each year CrossFit offers an online course that certifies judges for the season. Although not required for participation or judging in the Open, it is a great refresher on skill requirements and common movement faults.

It covers popular CrossFit Open movements, like the dumbbell snatch and goes over what counts as a rep and what doesn't. Movements like deadlifts, that we know how to do, but might not be super confident on what counts as a completed repetition or not.

There is little more frustrating than starting an AMRAP and begin to get 'no-repped' on a movement. However, what IS even worse, is getting 'no-repped' when you don't know what you are doing wrong. Completing this course will likely erase that confusion.

Again, it's not mandatory to complete the course, but if you agree that it can be helpful for you learning the movements better, then click the link to sign-up. It will take a bit of time to complete but there are checkpoints along the way, so you can space it out over the day or even days.

Knowledge is power, and power improves fitness.


Oscar Bravo captured Coach Cam, who has his 2019 judge certificate, judging Coach Phil during a past throw down.


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm up: 3 rounds: 6 medball cleans, 12 walking lunge steps (6/leg), 18 heavy rope single skips

Skill: Snatch Technique: Hang Power Snatch+ OHS + Hang Squat Snatch. 1 cycle E90s x 6

Work on timing and position as opposed to load. If you are moving well you can build as you go.

WOD: EMOM Stations

This workout is all about getting in some key pieces of practice prior to the Open starting tomorrow. Try to keep movements crisp and not go to failure.

4 rounds

Rotate EMOM between the following stations, working for 20-30 seconds and resting the remainder of the time in each minute:

1. HSPU (scale ROM or modify as needed)

2. DB Snatch

3. Box Jumps

4. Assault Bike

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