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Last minute sign up for the Open!

You can still sign up for the 2019 Open!

You have until 5pm Monday night to register and log in your first workout score.

If you aren't happy with your score from Friday or Saturday and want to redo the workout, you are welcome to come in Monday during an regular class and use the Open Gym space to complete the workout again. You must have your own judge if you are signed up when you redo the workout, so plan it out with you favorite gym buddy!

If for some reason after week 1 you still aren't signed up and debating if you should or not. One of our longtime members Sam wrote a great blog post for us discussing her mindset going into this Open and she is 6months pregnant.

So if you have any excuses, put them aside and sign up!

Read Sam's blog below for further motivation and get those scores in be

fore 5pm!


My name is Samantha Doney and I am 30 years old and 25 weeks, 6 months, pregnant with my first. I have been doing Crossfit for almost 6 years; joined March 2013. Growing up and playing every sport under the sun it was a no brainer that I would fall in love with Crossfit. Patiently waiting for the workouts to be posted and mentally preparing myself for the upcoming WOD, Crossfit has always been a way for me to stay fit and still challenge my body. It also provides a social environment where you get to compete with and against others. Crossfit Pre-Pregnancy was all about seeing results and working on movements that seemed way too hard. Since being pregnant my mentality has slightly changed.

For me it’s knowing your efforts and not going “all out” every time. Since discovering I was pregnant back in September, I was very aware of how hard I was pushing myself. If I wasn’t getting enough oxygen this meant the babe wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I look at each workout and come up with a plan and love the fact that I can stick with it. By keeping my reps down and having short rest breaks, it allows me to continue to push through whatever the movement may be; seeing a bench mark 1km row and being okay with not achieving a PR. But then seeing a workout that has 5 rounds of chest to bar pull ups and being able to complete the whole workout and getting an RX next to my name.

For me there was never a second thought as to whether I would still register and compete in the Crossfit Open. However, this year, it isn’t about hitting new PR’s, pushing the body to “the dark place” or seeing my name above anyone else’s. For me this year it’s all about staying active, competing in every WOD and still being challenged. Seeing if I can pace accordingly and seeing if I can complete each WOD to my capacity. Maybe I will get to RX one or two workouts or maybe I will have to do them all scaled. For me it’s all about the atmosphere the Open creates and getting to still compete with some of my closest friends and family. I can’t express enough how awesome it feels to be in the Open atmosphere. Seeing your fellow crossfitters pushing themselves and all the cheers and excitement for each WOD to be released. There really is a buzz around the gym for those 5 weeks. This was something I knew that if I didn’t partake in, I would really regret.



WARMUP: 3 rounds: 6 samson lunges, 8 double crunch, 60 seconds skipping


Hang Power Snatch OR OHS OR Hang Squat Snatch

5 x 5 reps, building as you go.

Alternate E90s with

HSPU progressions - 3 to 8 reps

WOD: Belly Bump

This is a classic CrossFit wod rep scheme and will help prepare you for the unique challenge of DB work and of course burpees that may pop up in the Open!

Rx: 21-15-9 of DB Hang Clean and Overhead (35/50) and burpee box jump (20/24)

*switch hands every 3 reps on the DB HCOH

FG2: Do 12-9-6 burpee box jumps, full reps for the DB

FG1: Scale DB weight, 12-9-6 of regular burpees

TG: Scale as needed

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