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Open Recovery

Congrats to those of you who have done 19.2, another tough WOD done and in the books. If you feel you want to redo 19.2 you can come in and use Open Gym time during any normal Crossfit class Monday but must have your own judge with you and need to have those scores submitted by 5pm Monday night!


As we recover and look to week 3 of this years Open, think about what you are actually doing to help you perform better for this next workout. Some say they stretch at home some say they'll do extra mobility after class, but does it actually happen? Rarely, make it a point to add in just 10 minutes of recovery and/or mobility each day or at least after each training session. The more you make this a habit NOW you will perform better not only for Open season but for year round WODs we do here at Vic City.

If you aren't sure of specific mobility drills for some of your problem areas, ask your coach! We all have lots of knowledge and experience to help you in the areas you may need some work in. Could be as simple as foam rolling, lacrosse ball or barbell smashing, just 10 minutes and you will feel the benefits.

So recover and mobilize this week and lets be ready for the next challenge!



WARMUP: 5 min amrap of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

SKILL: Power Snatch OR Squat Snatch

2 reps EMOM x 6 @ ~60-70%

rest 4 min, increase weight

1 rep EMOM x 6 @ 70-80%

WOD: Practice

This is an interval workout, where you will work for 90 seconds and then recover for 3 min (1:2 work to rest ratio). Aim to be as crisp and quick as possible through the exercises, going unbroken if possible.

Your goal is to scale effectively so that you get all the reps in within the 90 second work time. During your 3 minute rest, you can work on another skill or simply recover for the next round.

There is no score for this workout

Rx: 5 intervals:

4-8 hspu, 8-12 CTB, 8-12 box jumps

FG2: scale hspu rom, regular pullups

FG1: sub HR pushups for hspu, jumping pullups, box step ups

CP: Strict hspu, 4-6 ring or bar MU, DB step up + overs (35/50)

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