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Open Opportunity

Hey Vic City,

The CrossFit Open is a challenge, and with every challenge is an opportunity. We have an opportunity to push ourselves further than we thought we might be able, and the opportunity to see where we rank among more than just our gym buddies, but also CrossFitters from around the world.

Having that little bit more competitiveness and community support can go a long way in these less than pleasant Open WODs.

Mikey Dubs, from Team AM2PM, took on the scaled version of 19.2 during the Friday noon class. While everyone was only guaranteed 8 minutes for their workout, Mikey earned himself two additional 4 minute chucks for a 16 minute time cap, after getting through the first three weights.

Even though the class ran overtime, Mikey's fellow 'nooners' hung around to cheer him on (and potentially leaving them late for work). After a few missed attempts at a PR weight, Mikey with the support of classmates and coaches was able to get a new squat clean PR just before the buzzer.

This is just one of the many stories from the opportunities that the Open creates. If you were on the fence about signing up, like Mikey was, hopefully you will take the plunge upon the next opportunity.

We still have 3 more weeks for other victory stories.

Stay tuned for the updated Intramural Leaderboard.


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Rowling 3 x 150m, coaches choice of fitness reward!

Skill: Deadlift 5x3 E2M

Keep the weight moderate, this is just for practice! Approximate percent should be 65-70.

WOD: Salted

This is a team workout, in which you will be in a team of 3. One person works at a time. Aim to keep your effort consistent through all of your rounds as opposed to going out too hot.

RX: 4 lengths OH walking lunge (35/45lb plate) per person in relay fashion, followed by 5 rounds each of:

4/7 cal assault bike, 6 burpees with jump onto plate

FG2: scale plate weight

FG1: scale movements as needed, regular burpees

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