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Member Highlight!

Meet Cindy!

Cindy has been a long time Vic City member and we reached out to her to give us some detail of her training outside the gym and how her Crossfit experience has been incorporated. You will see Cindy has a lot of competition experience in many realms of fitness. Enjoy the read and say hello to Cindy next time you see her!

Congrats on all your records and accomplishments Cindy!


I broke two Canadian records in February in Vancouver but that was just the beginning. I will be competing at Provincials here in Victoria April 12-14 (Commonwealth Pool) and I am going after 5 Canadian Records and 2 World Records. I have broken 14 World , 30 Canadian and 40 Provincial records since 2008. My goal this season to go after 6 World Records :)

I will be racing at Canadian Nationals in Montreal late May and then to US Nationals in California in August so I have some very good opportunities. My best stroke is backstroke but my favorite stroke is butterfly. I also compete in Triathlon and Xterra (off road Tri) and this year, my goal is to qualify for World Championships for Xterra by competing at the Xterra here in Victoria early July...all I have to do is swim 1500m in Durrance Lake, mountain bike up and down Mount Work for 24 km and run Partridge Hills for 9.6 km and win my age group.

I started Crossfit in 2011 and immediately reaped the benefits of the strength training and all around fitness. I have split my year into two seasons with 6-8 months of Crossfit and 4 - 6 months of swimming and Triathlon.

It is amazing how much crossover there is between the sports. My muscular endurance and fitness has kept me injury free through even the most intense training. Honestly, it is not about the records, those are just goals and they motivate me to push through the toughest times. The reason I do it is for the people that I get to train with and call my friends. No matter what is going on in my day, I can always go to Vic City or the pool or the lake or the trails and find support and positive vibes from others who also value health and fitness.

Remember, age is just a number! And I feel lucky to be my age and have the physical ability and mental maturity to do whatever I set my mind to!




WARMUP: 5 min amrap: 25 heavy rope single skips, 5 inchworms, 10 double crunch

SKILL: Alternating E2M for 4 rounds:

- 5 reps barbell thruster

- 5 reps DB hang clean thruster

Start light and build as you go

WOD: Cash me outside

This is a partner workout, and you can switch WHENEVER YOU WANT ... definitely spend some time strategizing and figuring out how to use your combined strengths to get the best result.

There are two parts - a 14 min amrap and a 2 min amrap that starts right after the 14 min timeframe. Your total rep count is your score!

Part 1: 14 minute amrap of ascending calories on the assault bike and reps of ctb pullups


Guys: 5 cals, 5 ctb, 7 cals, 7 ctb, 9 cals... and so on

Girls: 3 cals, 3 ctb, 5 cals, 5 ctb, 7 cals... and so on

FG2: sub regular pullups for ctb

FG1: sub jumping pullups

Part 2: 2 minute amrap for max reps of HR pushups

FG1: scale to from the knees

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