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Spring Cleaning

Hey Vic City,

Spring is here, which makes it a perfect time to do some spring cleaning. As you might have noticed, the water bottle collection on top of the wooden cubbies is starting to grow again. Along with those bottles are plenty of clothing items that have been forgotten. Over the next week, make sure you claim any of your lost items before they get donated or thrown out.

To further keep the cubby space tidy and useable for as many people as possible, take a look through your belongings and make sure everything is clean. We will also have labels for your to put on your own personal cubby so we know which ones are vacant or have lost and found items, and which ones are being used regularly by members.

Don't worry, no items in marked cubbies will be donated, just make sure you pick up a label from a coach in the office to keep things organized.

("Clean up on isle floor..")

Stay tuned for results for the Intramural Open competition, and a wrap up on the 2019 Open, later this week.




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 10 light russian swings, 6 goblet squats, 4 press per arm with KB


Feel free to play around with your choice of implement - axle bar, trap bar, or regular bar. Build as you go to a smooth but heavy 5.

WOD: Push Double Double

This is a pretty simple one but will be tough with a "new" skill involved. Shoulder and core fatigue will be substantial!

Rx: 30-20-10 of HR pushups, double crunch, and heavy rope double unders

FG2: speed rope doubles

FG1: modified pushups or 20-15-10, single under skips x 2

TG: scaled as needed

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