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Can West Games Qualifiers

Hey Vic City,

The Can West Games are a CrossFit competition that is held in Coquitlam. Last year it was the largest functional fitness event in Canadian history! Next year it will be a Sanctional Event to qualify athletes for the CrossFit Games. What's even cooler than all that, is that you can compete at it, AND the gym with the most athletes will win a prize. There are multiple divisions for individuals as well as teams. Last year, the Vic City 'Crux' team won the "Elite Trio" division.

Check out all the divisions and standards link on their website.

We had a good representation last year, and I think we can do even better. The individual qualifiers start this week and the full schedule for qualifiers and competition can be found here. During the qualifiers (all weeks of individual and team) we will have our "Hero Saturday" time dedicated to complete most if not all of them during that time (11am-12:30pm).

If you haven't already signed up, talk to a coach to see if it's right for you!


Matt, Sean, and Jacob in the Trio Teams division.


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 20 Glute March, 10 Dowel OHS, 2 length low bear crawl (1 forward/1 backward)

WOD: "Team 36"

In Teams of 3, relay style

Rx - 1 min Assault Bike each, 1 min Row each x 6 rounds

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