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New Boxes!!!

Hey Everyone, As you may have noticed we have purchased some new boxes for the gym and come in all sorts of different sizes for all fitness levels.

Please carefully put boxes away in the order you found them once done with them.

If anyone is interested we will be selling off some of the old boxes for $30 per box. May need a few screws and a little TLC but would be a great addition to any of you with some home gym equipment.

Email Coach Graham here if interested:

See you in the gym.




2 rounds

200m run

5 inchworms

10 Hanging knee raises

12 Kb Deadlifts

WOD "Helen"

3 rounds for time


400m Run, 21 American KB Swings (53/35), 9 Pullups

FG Assisted Pullups

TG Scale Run to 200m, Scale KB weight, Ring Rows


4 Rounds

6R/6L Barbell Back rack Reverse Lunges

Alternated with

8R/8L One arm DB/KB Rows

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