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CrossFitting while on Vacation

Hey Vic City,

Consistency is one of the most important factors of fitness. Whether it's being consistent across our workout scores, or consistent with our workouts themselves. We train with constant variance to prepare for the unknown. Day to day life is often unknown, or at least varied to an extent. Work trips or family vacations can throw us out of our regular workout schedule, but that doesn't necessarily mean it needs to throw us off the fitness train all together.

For as long as I remember CrossFit has an online map of all the affiliates worldwide. This maps makes it incredibly easy to find a box near your travel destination. Go to and you can search just like google maps. Either search the city you are heading to, or the address of your hotel. You can scan around to see how close each box is.

For my upcoming vacation, I used this tool and found the closest box to where I'm staying. Then I went to the gym's website to check out their schedule and drop in policy, to make sure my plans would line up. Finally, I sent them an email to confirm, and make sure I was good to jump in.

Other things to consider:

- Drop in rate/ discount for multiple drop ins during your stay

- Pre-class sign up. Some gyms have a limit of participants per class, and have mandatory sign ups prior to class

Overall, it's super easy, and reassuring that I know I can keep on track with my fitness while I'm away from Vic City.


Reminder to participants of the Gymnastics class of the upcoming changes.

Thursday April 18th and 25th class will run from 8-9PM

Tuesday April 23rd class is cancelled - try to attend Thursday



Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM UP: 3 rounds - 4 medball cleans, 4 medball burpees, 8 double crunch

SKILL: KB bottoms up press: 5 sets of 3-6/arm (no set timer, just work through)

WOD: Double Trowble

This is a partner workout, and it's a doozy. Choose the level of skipping you can complete quickly so you don't get bogged down. Encourage your teammate to keep up their pace, especially in the second half of the AMRAP!

Rx: 28 min AMRAP of: 300m row, 30 double unders, 6 burpees. One partner does full sequence then other partner goes

FG2: 5 doubles, 25 singles sub for 30 du

FG1: 30 single unders

TG: scale time and difficulty of burpees as needed

CP: Burpees over the rower

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