2019 Vic City Summer Series

April 21, 2019

Great shot of one of our past Beach WODs

Photo Credit: Oscar Bravo 


Summer is getting closer and getting outside is much more inviting and we thought it would be good to get our community outside the gym doing some fun fitness activities outside the box.


This summer we will have an event per month run by a coach to challenge us in different ways not in your normal gym settings (except Murph, Murph is its own challenge).


Specific dates, locations and times to be announced at a future date. We will culminate the summer with a non fitness related BBQ and Awards ceremony here at the gym in September. Be sure to come to as many of these events as you can so you can contribute to the fun and nominate others for awards. 


Here is what we have planned:


May 5-11 - PUSH week (in classes - different wod each day!)


May 25th - MURPH @ Vic City


June- Mt Doug Hike/Run interval challenge


July - Durrance Swim WOD


August - Beach WOD


September - BBQ/Awards Night


Looking forward to getting outside the box with all of you! If you have any other events you as a member of our community would like to put on please let us know!


9:30am and 5:00pm ONLY



WARMUP:  "Roxanne" with burpees, taters, or med ball cleans



SKILL:  Bench Press:  5rm in 16 minutes


Monday will be big classes so work in groups of 3, you have tons of time to get your sets in!  Refer back to April 1-2nd for your previous score



WOD:  Partner Cindy


In this workout, you alternate rounds of the workout "cindy".   Each round consists of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 air squats.  Tag off after each round and share the same bar to conserve space!


Rx:  10 rounds each


FG2:  7 rounds each, full Rx scaling


FG1:  Jumping or banded pullups, modified pushups, 7 OR 10 rounds each


Murph Prep:  Wear a weight vest 14/20lb

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