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Everyones favorite Rob Black, loving the Vic City Sprint Triathlon WOD we have for you today.

Hey Everyone,

As you may have seen from our last blog post that we have a lot of fun summer events coming up this season!

First though we have another PUSH WEEK coming to us in early May. We will run PUSH WEEK May 5-11, each day we will have a different WOD, and anyone with a 2 day a week membership or more is welcome to attend class all 6 days that week.

We will have a in gym competition for different scaling levels as well. Be sure though to log all your scores on Beyond The Whiteboard as that will be our score keeper for the week and all workouts need to be logged in order to win prizes (to be announced later).

PUSH WEEK is a great way to test your fitness and bump up your volume and intensity in safe ways ensure not overload you too often and keep you all safe and healthy to continue your fitness pursuits.

If you have any questions about PUSH WEEK, ask your coach!




Bear Complex Cycle, 1 cycle = deadlift, squat clean, thruster, back rack squat and thruster, back to floor

Complete 3 cycles Every 90sec for 4 rounds

Start with Empty bar and add light weight each round


Deadlift 5set x 3reps Every 2mins

WOD: Vic City Sprint Triathlon

Rounds 6-8 of each for all levels (27-36mins)

Swith Every 90 secs

Men's Distances

CP Row 375m, Run 300m, Bike 900m

RX 300,200,600m

FG 225,100,300m

Women's Distances

CP Row 340m, Run 300m, Bike 800m

RX 260,200, 600m

FG 190, 100, 300m

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