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PUSH Week Prizes!

Tomorrow, it all begins! PUSH week is a great time to up your training volume and challenge your body alongside your buddies. Get lots of sleep, eat well, and treat your body right, it's going to be an excellent week.

We'll be awarding prizes for the top 3 women and men in each of the following categories: CP, Rx, and Scaled. A few important things are necessary to be considered for prizes:

1. You have to stay in the same scaling level for the whole week

2. You have to log your score in beyondthewhiteboard

3. You need to participate in each of the wods Monday-Friday (with three of them contributing to the actual scoring)

No matter how you do in a workout, enter your score - as most people forget about #3 and end up not getting considered for one of the podium spots!

Now that the admin is out of the way, here are our prizes:

1st place: Supplement of your choice, Jaktrx shaker cup, Vic City decal, shirt of your choice (JaktRx / Blonyx / Vic City - while supplies and sizes last)

2nd place: JaktRx shaker cup, Vic City decal, shirt of your choice (JaktRx / Blonyx / Vic City - while supplies and sizes last)

3rd place: JaktRx shaker cup, Vic City decal

There will also be a shaker cup and decal for the best score total on each day for women and men across all scaling levels, and a draw prize TBA from all names on the leaderboard.

So there's a LOT of reasons to show up and throw down.




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 10 russian kb swings, 4 kb press / arm, 4 steps / leg kb goblet lunge, 20 jumping jacks


Strictly strength - two basic movements but without planning and smart jumps, you won't hit your best numbers. Work in groups of 3 to get your reps in, you'll have plenty of time!

This is a combined score of your best 5rm Press and your best 1rm deadlift

Part 1: 5rm strict press - 15 minute time frame, empty bar warm up

Part 2: 1rm deadlift - 20 minute time frame, can warm up with whatever weight you are working with for presses

Coaches will be looking to assess not only your ability to lift the weight but also to DO SO SAFELY. If you start to lose form or are lifting in an unsafe manner, your coach may pull you from further attempts!

Cash-out: with any remaining time, clean up your weights then go for 4 x 200-400m runs, 1 min rest in between

Good luck, have fun!

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