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Push Week Day 4

Another quick workout to get through but lots of work to complete with in it. Handstand pushups are here and they will be a real test after a set of Toes to Bar.

One of the big focus points I have been trying to tell people is know when to give yourself that extra little break. Do you need to have a quick pep talk in your head before starting a certain movement? Example, toes to bar or handstand pushups? Take that little break and BREATHE, get your head straight and ready to keep on working. When you get to those last box jumps and assault bike just keep moving and get it done!

You are all doing an awesome job with PUSH WEEK and great to see so many PRs on Monday and people really pushing themselves through Cindy and all those Double Unders on Wednesday!

Keep grinding and recover well! Its getting warmer so drink plenty of water all day and all week.

See you in the gym!


PUSH WEEK- Thursday Training


3 rounds

10 Walking lunges

10 Plate ground to OH

10-20sec beat swing or active/hollow hang on pullup bar

WOD "Assault Gauntlet"


1 Round For Time

14/20cal Assault Bike

10 Box Jumps (20/24)

10 Toes To Bar

10 Handstand Pushups

10 Toes To Bar

10 Box Jumps

14/20cal Assault Bike

Scaled- ROM scaled HSPU (blocks/mats) or HR Pushups

CP Strict HSPU

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