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PUSH Week Finale

Well gang, it's been a challenging and varied PUSH week for sure! It's been great to see your scores roll in via the leaderboard pictures and I'm sure your bodies have been challenged.

There is one more workout to go - Saturday - that will bring this week to a close. Fittingly, this workout will be a team effort, as we are a community and we work together to make each other better.

Match up with some friends and enjoy the process, then maybe rest a bit on Sunday!




WARM UP: In a group of 3, do 1 min each on assault bike, followed by 45, 30, and 15 seconds each. Each time you drop to a shorter effort, increase your work rate (i.e. start easy on those minutes!)

SKILL: tech work for clean and jerk

WOD: The Graken

This workout is a combination of two benchmark crossfit workouts - Grace and Karen. Both are simple but tough as they involve one single movement each.

The Graken is a bit different in that you'll be going interval style, so you can afford to dig a bit deeper knowing you'll get a bit of rest after your effort.

Rx: Each person completes: 6 rounds of 5 clean and jerks (95/135), 20 wallballs (14/20).

1 person does 1 full round while the other two rest. Tag off and then the next person goes!

Scaled: 45-65/65-95lb bar, scale wallball weight as needed

CP: Barbell weight 115/165, 25 wallballs (14/20) per round

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