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Murph Success

Heat 1 getting wet right off the hop.

Heat 2 and others who stuck around to finish the day.

Results from the weekend.

As many of you know we took on Murph this weekend and had a great turnout and some great times despite the rainy conditions.

We ran two heats and had some awesome performances of fitness and most of all mental toughness to keep moving and grinding through such a monumental workout. Many first timers in a vest, a few PRs and a few first time Murph goers too!

Not only did we do this workout but we raised $525 to be donated to Soldier On! Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to the cause, it was an awesome day and fun to see our community come together to better themselves and support such a great cause.

Be on the look out for our next Summer Series Event in JUNE!


Training Wednesday - Thursday Warm-Up: EMOM9 (3 rounds each)

1-2 wall walks with 5-10 sec hold at top

1-2 lengths duck walk

30 sec skipping (singles/doubles)

Skill: Thruster (from floor or rack) 6 x 2 E90s

*build to a 2RM

WOD: "Tripled"

Rx - 5 rounds for time,

6 Deadlifts @ 2RM Thruster weight 12 Box Jumps (20/24")

6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

FG2 - Reg Pull-ups

FG1 - Banded Pull-ups

TG - Step ups, scale pull-ups as needed

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