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Summer Sale & AM Gymnastic Class

Hey Vic City,

Suns out, guns out! We have the sun, and we got the guns, now time to show them off! To help out with that, we are having a June tank top sale.

ANY TANK TOP, ONLY $12 each, that's over a 50% savings!

Stock is limited so get yours while you can!

Come in the gym and have your coach hook you up! I know we have a bunch of members looking to bring back 'tank top Friday.'

Tanner rocking a tank, and his favourite flavour of protein. Tanks also make good presents, Tanner picked one up for his girlfriend too!


We are now offering a 9:30AM-10:30AM Gymnastics class on Tuesday to replace the Thursday evening session.

The two gymnastics class will now both be on Tuesday



These classes will offer the same programming and will continue to be a great supplement for our regular class WODs. This new structure will help seamlessly enhance your CrossFit gymnastic skills, by adding variety to the group classes. I hope this allows for more members to get a chance to try out the gymnastics class, especially the ones that can't make the evenings.

If you have any questions. Let me know! Adam


Training Friday-Saturday Warm-Up:

3 rounds Rowling to 175m

*coaches choice fitness reward

WOD 1:


8min AMRAP

800m run buy in, then in remaining time

10 Hang Db Snatch (35/50) *5R/5L

10 HR Pushups

8min Rest and Reset

WOD 2:


8min AMRAP

800m run buy in, then in remaining time

12 wallballs (14/20)

12 power cleans (65/95)

FG 2 DB 20/35

TG 400m runs, Scale DB/Bar/ball weight as needed, modified pushups

CP Unassisted Ring Dips, Heavy Wallballs, 95/135 Power Cleans

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