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Summer Series Part 2

For our second Summer Series Event we will be doing a trail run of Mount Doug!

There are a lot of trail run series throughout the island during the summer and many part take in them, I thought it would be fun to do our own Vic City Trail run and use our close neighbor Mount Doug., and if Murph didn't make you love wearing a vest enough you can wear a vest (14/20) for that extra fitness "push".

This event will be open to all Vic City members and FREE!

We will run Saturday June 29th at 12noon.

Meeting place to be determined and official distance/route to be determined. (will be in a future blog closer to date of event)

I have made a Facebook event that you can access on our Vic City Facebook Page!

Come on out and enjoy the great outdoors and our beautiful island.

See you at the Mountain.




Rotating EMOM x3 rounds

30sec work/30sec rest-rotate

Bear crawl low n slow

Ring Rows (3 sec descent)

Med ball cleans

Leg swings (switch half way)

WOD: Partner Nurwor


For Time

Each person completes 5 rounds of:

500m Row

400m Run

* Switch once both partners have finished

Scaled 250m Row, 200m runs

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