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Vic City to host Somatic Senses Course

We are happy to announce we will be hosting the "Kettlebell Science" course from Somatic Senses. The course will run over 2 days Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th.

This is great opportunity for any of you that work in the health and wellness field to better your toolbox and become more familiar with the kettlebell. Even if you don't work in the health and wellness field but have a general interest in developing new skills this course would be great for you! And it's held right here in your own gym!

***Note there will be no Open Gym Saturday June 15th***

You can find out more with this direct link here:




10min As Many Rounds As You Do (not fast)

20sec Beat Swing

10 Kb deadlifts

5 Box Jumps

Coach led WOD Prep

WOD Fire Escape

RX 10min AMRAP

Ascending ladder

1 Clean n Jerk (95/135)

2 Pullups

2 Clean n Jerks

4 Pullups

3 Clean n Jerk

6 Pullups

and so on and so on until time is up!

FG 2 Banded Pullups

FG1 Bar 65/95, banded pullups

TG Scale bar as needed, Ring rows

CP Bar 105/155, Chest to Bar Pullups

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