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Winner Winner, Check-In Killer

Hey Vic City,

There are a bunch of cool features that our Push Press check in system offers, one of those being, seeing how often members check in. I wanted to reward an individual that has the most check-ins since we introduced the new system. Not only does it show commitment by attending the gym on a regular basis, but also a strong character too. I've always thought of character as doing the right thing even if no one will know any differently. This individual signed in to classes and open gym times without any reminders, and during the introduction week to Push Press when most people weren't signing in. Sometimes the best part of winning, is when you don't even know there is a prize. The prize is a complementary 30 minute skill session, fitting for the first person to 30 check-ins since we've had Push Press up and running. The winner that killed the check in game, is Ashley Mulders. Ashley, great work, and we will sort of a time to work on the skills of your choosing!

If you, too, are interested in working on your skills, contact me, and we can set something up with the coach of your choice. Our 30 minute skill sessions are great for working on individual goals that you have - handstands, butterfly pull-ups, muscle ups, snatch or clean and jerk, kettlebells, odd object stuff that you see around the gym, the list goes on and on. Don't forget to keep checking in, and see you in class! Adam


Training Wednesday - Thursday Warm-up: Partner Shuttle Run 3 rounds each, partner 1 runs 4 laps, while partner 2 does round 1 - KB Taters

round 2 - Double Crunch round 3 - Burpees Skill: Review of stations and HSPU options

WOD: "Station Rotations" 40 sec work, 20 sec rest/switch


Assault Bike

Double Unders

Strict Pullups

x 6 rotations (24 min)

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