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Additional Strength and Conditioning

For those of you who are looking to add a bit more to your fitness, we want to be sure you know we offer a weekly Strength WOD and a weekly Conditioning WOD.

These workouts can be found on the whiteboard on the Strength and Health side of the gym.

You can add these at your convenience during open gym. Just be sure to check yourself in for Open gym on the Push Press Tablet.

Pictured above are the Strength and Conditioning WODs for this week! Good luck and happy training!




3 rounds rotate E90sec

200m jog

10 Kb Deadlifts + 5 pushups

8 med ball cleans + 20sec Hollow rock hold


1 Squat Clean + 2 Jerks

Every 90sec x 12 Rounds (18mins)

Build up every 4th set (3 jumps)

WOD "Rowling Thrusters"


In teams of 3, (Relay style) each person rows 250m 4 times.

Reset the monitor each time, You want to land on 250m (like our Rowling warmup game).

Keep track of any meters you are over or under for each person. 1 meter counts for 1 thruster you have to do at the end.

Once all 4 have done all 4 rows, you then add up your total meters over or under and complete all the thrusters (35/45). Split up reps as needed.

This workout is for total time to complete.

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