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Equipment Gym Etiquette

Coach Phil here casually putting away his equipment.

*Any modeling agents in the gym I found your next client.

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to make a post about our gym etiquette here and making sure people put all their equipment they use away. I know this can come across as annoying and it's a simple concept but, many mornings, afternoons and evenings us coaches come into a messy gym and things left everywhere.

This is a message not only to our members but to our coaches as well. We all use the space and we all should take pride in cleaning up after ourselves and taking care of our gym space. Even if you see something obviously not put back and the person using it previously is gone, take a second to help keep the gym organized and clean for the next person or group and put it away.

Simply put if you take something from a storage spot, rack, or hanger, please put it back as you found it. Along with this is making sure we clean the equipment we use. Not a deep clean but we have multiple spray bottles and towels around to give things a quick clean up. This will help minimize the spread of germs, and keep the life of the equipment lasting longer.

Again, it's a simple task that we all need to work on to better our gym and our community within it.

Thank you all for helping keep our gym clean and tidy, and for building an even stronger community here at Vic City!

Coach Graham.




30/30 Rotating EMOM x2 rounds


Bear Crawl

Walking Lunges

Active Bar Hang/Hollow Hold/Beat Swing


Deadlift 4x8

Working up Every 2mins

WOD Parter

12min AMRAP

RX Partner Thruster and Pullups

3 Thrusters EACH (65/95), 3 Pullups each

6 Thrusters each, 6 pullups each

9 and 9

12 and 12

15 and 15

so on and so on....

FG 55/75, banded Pullps

TG Empty Bar, jumping pullups

CP 75/115, chest to bar pullups

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