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Thank You Coach Adam

Hello team,

Today is a day of change for our gym and community as Adam Black will be moving out of his coaching role with us.

I would like you all to join me in thanking Coach Adam for his time with us at Vic City. Adam has been part of our community since 2013 and coaching since 2014, so has seen the gym grow in many ways over the years.

Adam has been a major player in terms of his CrossFit performance, representing our Regionals team three times and performing well regularly in the CrossFit Open. He was also always a score to try to catch on our daily leaderboards.

I'm sure you can all attest to the coaching role that Adam had at the gym. He was also responsible for keeping our gym clean and organized and was a big help in getting us set up with Push Press.

With every ending there of course is a new beginning for both us and Adam. As he moves on from his coaching role with us there is the opportunity to have other coaches move into more prominent roles in the gym.

And as always we will be looking to improve your training and community experience as we go forwards. We are ready to embark on this new chapter for CrossFit Vic City.

Thank you Coach Adam for your contributions to our community and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.


*Please note for those of you on the competition training program, Coach Cam will be taking over the programming. Your week of training will be sent out to you Monday, with your first workout being the class wod for Mon-Tuesday.



WARM UP: 3 rounds - 7 med ball cleans, 5 medball burpees, 20 heavy rope singles (or 30 jumping jacks)


This is a relatively classic wod, in which you'll have to deal with larger numbers of reps in sequence. Scale appropriately to be able to get through at least one and a half rounds (if not more!).

We'll likely run this in heats so make sure you get a full specific warm up prior to starting.

CP (actual Open WOD scaling): 14 min AMRAP: 7 MU, 50 wallballs (14/20), 100 double unders.

Rx: CTB pullups (14 reps/round)

FG2: reg pullups (14) + 50 du

CASH OUT: 20, 40, or 60 double crunch with 10 pushups each time you break

FG1: jumping pullups, scale wallballs, 100 single skips

TG: Scale as needed

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