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Canada Day WOD!

Hi Team!

As you know, July 1st is Canada Day and we like to celebrate that with an extra spicy dose of fitness! As with most holiday workouts, this one will be a team effort, so grab two of your buddies and get after it!

Remember that we only have TWO classes tomorrow - 9:30am and noon, so come in, get your workout done, and enjoy the day.

This workout is for Monday only, so come on in and get your fitness!

Good luck, have fun!




WARM UP: Roxanne with burpees!

Teams of three, name theme is "Canadiana". Three different scores, one for each of the events.

Event 1: 5RM Push Press - 10 minutes. Start with empty bar. Same bar for all team members (so choose either a women's bar or men's bar).

SCORE: total pounds from everyone's best lift

Rest, clean up for Event 2

Event 2: 10 min amrap: 10 wallballs, 6 pullups in relay format (1 person does wallballs and pullups, tags next person they do wallballs and pullups)

CP: ctb, heavy wallballs

Scaled: scale wallball, jumping pullups or ring rows

SCORE: total reps

Rest, clean up for Event 3

Event 3: 12 min amrap: 200m row, 6 burpees over rower

Scaled: regular burpees

SCORE: total reps

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