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Prizes, Partners, and Power!

Laura Horvath smashing a HEAVY back squat at last year's CrossFit Games

Hey all, PUSH week is here! As mentioned last week, we'll have a different workout each day and if you're on 3 days a week or more, jump in all the wods! If you're on a 2 day membership, pay one drop in ($20) and you're good to go for all the workouts also.

This is PARTNER PUSH week, so ideally you'll have snagged a partner already or will pick one up on Monday. Since the main "scored" events are on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, connect with the same partner for all those days and you'll be in the running for some swag :). FF, MM, and MF partnerships are all good!

As always with PUSH week, you'll want to select a scaling level (Rx, Scaled, or Comp Prep) and stay in that same level through the full week.

Make sure your scores are up and your names are clear on the in-gym leaderboard as we'll be using that to keep track of scores.

Don't want to compete? Then don't stress, just do your best and have fun ... and see where you end up!!

Here's a rundown of the prizes:

Top pairing in all three scaling levels: 1 FREE 60 minute skills session together with a coach, $20 Vic City gift card each, Vic City Decal, and your choice of Vic City shirt

Second place in all three scaling levels: $15 Vic City gift card each, Vic City Decal, and choice of Vic City shirt

Third place in all three scaling levels: $10 Vic City gift card each, Vic City Decal.

This should be a great week gang! See you in the gym.




WARM UP: 3 rounds with an empty bar: 5 hang power cleans, 4 front squats, 3 presses. Alternate rounds with your partner, work on positioning. When resting, work on front rack position with a dowel (see video)


This is all about bringing your STRENGTH and working together to get your best totals on the two lifts. Add your best lifts together for an overall total score.

1. Clean - 3 rep max (can drop bar in between reps, can be squat or power).

- 10 min warm up period prior to the lifts starting, can warm up to as heavy as you want

- Partners share a bar, so if you have a FM partnership, discuss if you'll use a 45lb or 35lb bar. Also strategize as to how to best get your attempts in.

- You have 20 seconds to get all 3 reps in.

- Partners alternate on the minute for 4 rounds each (8 minutes), so be ON THE BALL with switching your weights!!

Go right into #2.

2. Strict Press 5 rep max.

- 12 minute time frame, as many attempts as you like in that time.

- Can't start warmup until clean portion is over.

- You can use fractionals, but only for ONE lift in the whole 12 minute period.

Add your best cleans to your best presses for your teams score!!

CASH OUT: 5 x 200-400m run (or row/bike equivalent), on a 3 minute timer. Look to build your effort (and improve your time) each round.

Comp Prep: Up to 8 reps

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