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PUSH to the finish!

Wow, what a week it has been! Excellent effort all round by you guys, and great to see you all working together so well as partners. So much encouragement and teamwork going into those workouts for sure.

We have one more left to go - and yet again, you'll be able to match up with a friend to take on this challenge. It will be one of the longest workouts this week but will be the perfect cap to PUSH week.

Check it out, come on in for the 9am or 10am class.

See you then!




WARM UP: Partner shuttle runs alternated with front plank hold - 1, 2, 3, 4 shuttle runs each.

WOD: Walkalong

This is a partner workout in which you complete the work in relay format (one person goes thru the full sequence then the next person goes). Scale so that you can move consistently and smoothly through the intervals!

NOTE two levels of CP!

Rx: 22 min AMRAP:

15/20 HR pushups, 25' single arm OH walking lunge with DB/KB (35/50), 30 double unders, 25' single arm OH walking lunge with DB/KB.

Scaled: Modified pushups (from knees or hands on box), unweighted walking lunge, 30 heavy rope single unders

CP: 1/3 Ring or Bar MU, 15/20 HR pushups, 53/70lb KB single arm OH walking lunge, 50 du

CP2: 3/6 Ring MU + 3/6 ring Dips, 70/90lb overhead axle bar lunge, 30 HEAVY ROPE double unders

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