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Vic City Group Rides and FONDO

***Results from PUSH week coming soon!***

Hey all,

Summer is a great time to get out and try other fitness activities. The weather is generally good, and the days are long, allowing for some after-work excursions.

One great compliment to CrossFit is cycling. Both mountain and road biking have great benefits for both building fitness and providing active recovery from harder training sessions.

With that in mind, I'll be hosting weekly group road cycling rides (and maybe some mountain biking if there is interest), PLUS we'll host a mini-fondo on August 18 (Sunday).

These weekly rides will be "group" rides, meaning we'll keep the pace casual and ride together, with the opportunity for some pick up sprints for those so inclined. We'll meet at the gym to start with and see where we might want to go from there.

You can ride a road bike (preferred) or hybrid bike with some nice firm slick tires, and like I said we'll look to control the pace to keep the group together.

I've created a Facebook Event page for these weekly rides and the FONDO, and the schedule will be a bit different each week. Most weeks however we'll start the rides at 5:30pm on Thursdays.

The first one will be an exception - we will leave from the gym at 5:30 on Friday and ride for ~45 min or so.

I look forward to meeting up with you guys and expanding our fitness in a new and fun way on our bikes!




WARM UP: 5 minutes of Cindy (sub ring rows or assisted pull ups as needed)

SKILL: Back Squat 6 x 3 E2M up to a heavy (but technically perfect triple)

CP: Pause Back Squat (2 sec hold) x 2 reps EMOM x 12. Start @ 60-65% and build up slowly to a tough but manageable weight

WOD: Accumulation

The goal of this workout is to accumulate the target reps (60) of SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD with a barbell in as few intervals as possible. Each interval will be 3 minutes long, and you will run first then use the remaining time to do an unbroken set of shoulder to overhead.

Rest after your unbroken set until the 3 minutes is up then run again and continue your count until you hit 60 reps. Aim to scale so that you can hit 60 in about 5 rounds (12 reps per round average).

- no pause on shoulders after first rep

Rx: Run 300m, barbell weight 75/115, accumulate 60 reps of shoulder to overhead

FG2: Run 300m, barbell 65/95

FG1: Run 300m, barbell 45-55/65-75

TG: 4 rounds of run 200, 12 sto, scaled as needed

CP1: Run 400m, bar weight 95/135

CP2: Run 400m, bar weight 115/165

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