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Can West Recap & Leaderboard WOD!

Sophie tackling the 15' rope climb. This is what competing is all about - smashing through limits with courage and tenacity.


What a weekend it was out at Percy Perry Stadium for the 2019 Can West Games competition! This is the biggest competition in Western Canada, and the venue was nothing short of spectacular, with three competition areas going at all times!

Next year, the Can West Games will be part of the Sanctional network to qualify teams and individuals to the 2020 CrossFit Games ... AKA the REAL DEAL! So this year was almost a practice run in that regard.

With individual and team divisions for teens, masters, scaled, intermediate, and elite, there was almost a category for anyone and everyone to compete.

All told, we had nine current Vic City athletes competing, four on teams and five as individuals. It was pretty hectic trying to keep track of them all, but suffice to say they performed extremely well and represented Vic City with pride.

Sophie Reimer and Matty Poon were in their first competitions, and were in a very competitive Scaled Individual division. Coming away with a PR hang snatch, Matty Poon attacked each workout with positivity and came out smiling in 11th place. Sophie hit a great snatch lift also, getting 90lbs!! She also was able to quickly learn and then perform 15 foot rope climbs in her final event, which was great to see. She finished up in 28th with the appetite for more competition in the future.

Matt Cleaver and Tony Dosouto took on the gents in the Intermediate Men division. This was a stacked group for sure, with a large range in skill and fitness. Tony's lifting was super impressive, coming away with a 285lb clean and jerk along with a 205lb hang snatch. Matt showed his incredible engine, hitting a ski erg + burpee workout hard (3rd place) and then winning his heat in the final event. When the dust settled, Tony was finished in 12th, and Matt in 26th out of a field of 53 athletes!

Megan Jerritt (AKA Coach Megs) was our sole woman in the Intermediate division, another very popular group with a LOT of competitive athletes in it. She stamped her mark in the group though, showing incredible stamina in the metcons and great lifting skill in the snatch and clean. With a HUGE pr in the hang snatch (130lb) and two heat wins, Megan did extremely well, placing 8th out of 36!

In the team competition, our four athletes were spread between three teams:

Sean Haylow and Zeke Cabell were on Vic City Grey, Kehly Stolz and former Vic City athlete Audrey March were on Crux 2.0, and Coach Tia was on team #mcdadeeffect with former Vic City athletes Caleb Woiwod, Caileigh McDade, and Adam Black.

Vic City Grey showed that they had the muscle to lift, with two top ten finishes in the snatch and hang clean. Watching them warm up for the latter lift was super impressive, with easy 275lb lifts being slung around. They also showed that they know how to close out a competition, with a 6th place finish in the final event, and finished in 12th place overall out of 28 solid teams.

Crux 2.0 showed engine and brawn to net three 5th place finishes over the weekend! Although they weren't able to train too much together in advance of the competition, they worked out great strategies and communicated well - hallmarks of any strong team in competition. When the scores were tallied, this plucky group finished in 9th place against some strong and tough womens' teams.

McDadeEffect was the beneficiary of Coach Tia as a late replacement into the Elite teams of 4 division. As you all know, Tia has both a great engine and a TON of power, both of which came in handy through the weekend. Mixed in with former top individual Regional competitors Caleb and Caileigh, Tia more than held her own and I'm sure her husband Adam was proud of her too! This group was strong throughout the whole weekend and across all events, netting a first place overall - something that would have been very tough to accomplish without Coach Tia being able to step in!

Well done to all the athletes that competed and a special mention to the SUPPORTERS who came over (some only for the day) to cheer on our crew. This is what it is all about - supporting our athletes in all divisions and helping to share in their experience.

I'm super proud of the effort of everyone over the weekend, and really grateful for the community that we have at Vic City.

I'll have another post up soon about how to get involved in competition if you're looking for your next challenge, so stay tuned for that :)

Coach Cam



WARMUP: 5 minutes of Cindy - Add in 20 jumping jacks after each set of 15 squats!

Scaled as needed, slow rotation through the movements.


***Leaderboard WOD***

Grab a same sex buddy and get after it!! All categories are in play (M, F, M masters, F masters)!

Remember that you can hug the building as you leave the gym but go around the bushes on the way back in.

For the row, re-set the monitor each time (you can program this) and hold the handle until your distance is up.


5 rounds each person of:

Row 500m

Run 400m

You have to wait for your partner before you can start the next portion of work!

Scaled: 3 rounds

Comp Prep: Go faster, try to top the leaderboard!

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