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Competition Level 1 - You vs you

With an exciting CrossFit Games just finishing this past weekend, competition is on a lot of CrossFitter's minds. If you didn't see the action, it was a pretty amazing spectacle and I highly recommend checking out the archived footage at

Although the pinnacle of the sport is inspiring and exciting to watch, most of us are working on our fitness without the direct purpose of global domination!

That doesn't mean that "competition" can't be part of your vocabulary if you participate in CrossFit... quite the contrary in fact as competition is inherent to the challenge and progress that we are all trying to achieve.

In the short video below, I outline the first level of competition - which is aiming to better YOUR personal results and movement skill.

Over the next couple of months, we'll be cycling through our leaderboard workouts, and we've got another one for Wed - Thurs. Be sure to note your scores for these wods (and the others we do) so you can look to improve in some way the next time around.

See you in the gym,

Coach Cam





1. Split Jerk Tech: Coach lead demo of key points and practice footwork and timing, then:

Dowel/bar only/light bar: 5 x 4 jerks Every 90sec

Then warm up clean and go into

2. Clean + 2 jerks Every 2mins x 10 rounds

These can be builds as you go, as long as your technique stays very crisp!

WOD: 1 min max cals bike

Straightforward but definitely tough. What a great combo to go from the longest AMRAP we've ever done (45 min) down to the shortest workout we have!

Start FAST, do not pace too much out of the gate.

This is a leaderboard wod, be sure to note if you are a Master's athlete (put "M" beside your score)!!

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