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Bring Back Games Night

It has been sometime since we have held a Vic City Board Game night and I thought coming up in September would be a good a time as any do reconvene at the gym for some not fitness fun and laughs!

I have been long playing with the idea of a Settlers Of Catan games night with multiple boards going at the same time! I know some love this game and others hate it but as in past game nights we have had multiple games going on all at once.

I am open to suggestions for other possible games to be played or tournaments to be held, so please reply in the comments with suggestions!

In the past we have played, Catch Phrase, What Do You Meme?, Cards Against Humanity, Pass the Ace, and Yahtzee!

See you in the gym and at games night in September!




Rotating EMOM 4 rounds (12min)

30sec work at each station

Beat Swing

Wall Balls

Heavy Rope Skips


"Team 36"

Rx: 3 minutes on the Assault bike, switching every minute then,

3 minutes on the Row erg, switching every minute.

That is one round, you do 6 full rounds in total (36 min)

Total Team Calories is your score

Star Wars Theme names!

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